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Q: Che cosa significa GM last had lower sales in 2010 at 2.202 million.?
A: Can you provide any additional context?

"GM" could stand for General Motors. It's possible they are discussing auto sales or appliance sales. More information would be needed to tell you for sure.
Q: Che cosa significa Now, GM has announced that it will close that plant and take a $600 million charge to pay for the restructuring.

What does “take a charge” mean here??
A: take a charge = cost money
but I don't recommend that type of English
It's too casual for business
Q: Che cosa significa GM is used as a title (rather than a generic description of a position) usually in manufacturing to refer to a leader of a business unit.?
A: GM - General Manager
Q: Che cosa significa GM Korea’s labor union is already up in arms over the announcement,?
A: "Up in arms" means they're ready to fight because of the announcement.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra GM took the sales lead from Ford. e GM took the sales lead over Ford. ?
A: They both mean the same thing. The first sentence means Ford definitely had the sales lead, and GM took it from them. The second sentence means Ford normally has the sales lead, and GM has taken it now.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? GMに勤務規定を英訳文するよういわれたのですが、正直、荷が重いです
A: "I was told by GM to translate the work rules into English, but to be honest, the load is heavy."

Does this help you?

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Q: GM is going to adopt them, and it seems to sell the vehicle the near same as HONDA's EVs. sembra naturale?
A: × GM is going to adopt them, and it seems to sell the vehicle the near same as HONDA's EVs.
GM is going to buy Honda and it seems to sell nearly the same vehicles as HONDA's EVs.

Just quickly googled it and it seems they actually merged? So in this case you could say: GM and Honda have merged and will now start producing new electric vehicles.
Q: GM! ^^
Can you help me with this text?
Q: What does GM mean? in Silkroad online game or smt like that
A: Game master. Usually an employee of the game company. They have special powers inside the game, and can help players, or punish bad players.
Q: We can understand that not to eat GM food is absolutely safe! sembra naturale?
A: @daikipod: it's not clear if you're saying GM foods are safe to eat or not.

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