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Q: Che cosa significa you have no gmae?
A: Hi

You have no game means you have no game plan or game strategy.

Imagine playing chess and having no strategy, or living life with no objective - this is having no game.

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Q: In a gmae, there was a dialogue between a man and a woman over text.
They are drug addicts. (maybe the man sells drugs to the woman)

"Your shit is here." The man's text.

And the woman replies, "Hell yeah but tapped out sorry"
"Your loss" the man answered.

In this, what does she mean by tapped out?
A: it means out of money
Q: When we play a gmae, we sometimes use dice.
I use one die and have my students roll the die.

Is it okay to say
roll the dice?

referring tto one die?

or sould I just say "roll the die"?
A: "die" would be correct but I always say dice even when talking about one die. It is not correct but many people say dice.

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