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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 我具有在藥廠品管的能力,能夠管理自己的進度,並且依公司進度進行微調,有儀器分析的經驗,熟悉GMP藥廠規範,並有一次的查廠經驗,以及分析確校的能力。我具有很強的學習能力, 能夠在短時間上手工作,希望有機會進到貴公司,有機會發揮所長。
A: I have the ability to quality control in a pharmaceutical factory, can manage my own progress, as well as make fine-tuning according to the company's schedule. I have experience in instrument analysis, am familiar with GMP pharmaceutical factory specifications, and have experience in factory inspections as well as the skills to analyze and verify. I learn quickly and can start working after a short period of time. I hope to receive the opportunity to enter your company and develop my strengths.

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Q: Please identify which GMP certificate.
Why does this sentence need "which"?

Could you explain it clearly?
A: We use which when there is more than one item we are talking about. It is like saying, "choose" or "pick" or "select "

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