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Q: Che cosa significa godfather and godmother?
A: If you are Christian you will be baptized when your born and someone who is not your father or mother will be in the ceremony, that person is your godfather or god mother. For me it’s my aunt.
Q: Che cosa significa godfather?
A: A man who presents a child at baptism

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra godfather e foster father ?
A: Godfather was there at birth but if your parents died or something happened them you would get fostered which means you'll get different people to look after you
Q: Qual è la differenza tra I deserved to be its godfather. e I deserved to be godfather. ?
A: The correct way to say it would be "I deserved to be his godfather," or "I deserved to be her godfather," depending on the gender. The second one doesn't make sense.

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Q: What's a godfather for a kid?
A: A "godparent", "godmother" & "godfather" is someone who agrees to look after the child if the parent cannot.

Usually it is a relative (Aunt or uncle) or a very close friend
Q: I am a little tall than my godfather but I am considered the tallest of the family... sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: godfather sembra naturale?
A: you tried to say god father or grandfather?
Q: What a godfather or a godmother is like?
A: Well, my godfather was just a friend of my father's and would buy me a present at Christmas and on my birthday. He never did anything special and I haven't actually seen him in a long time. My little sister's godmother was also a friend of my mother's and she also received presents on her birthday and on Christmas.

Traditionally, though, Godparents were responsible for overseeing the child’s religious education and for caring for the child should they be orphaned. In other words, Godparents were chosen to assist with the child’s faith and nurture his or her relationship with God. They were also chosen to become actual caretakers of the Godchild, should something happen to the child’s biological parents. Today, the role of a Godparent seems to have less of a religious implication. Nowadays, Godparents are usually chosen to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development – not just for religious purposes. A Godparent is not a legal position, thus the godchild is not necessarily left to the Godparents should they be orphaned. For Godparents to act as foster parents, it must be legally specified through a will.

Hope this helps. :-D

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