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Q: Che cosa significa godmother,godfather,goddaughter?
A: The first two are people that parents appoint/ask to look after their children, in the event the parents die. If the child is a girl, she is a goddaughter to a godmother/father.
Q: Che cosa significa godmother?
A: A godmother is the person woman who acts as a religious guide and takes care of a child when baptized.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra godmother e cummer ?
A: They are synonyms to my knowledge , I would use the first

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Q: are these the same?
she is my christening godmother
she is my baptism godmother
A: These are not the same.
Baptism refers to a water or spiritual baptism, referring to a symbolic .
Christendom (or christening someone) can refer to the Catholic acceptance of someone into the Catholic Church. Christendom can also refer to "appointing" someone as something. In this case, you would say "She is my christened godmother." Baptism doesn't work in this context.
Q: a godmother shows up. She is a kind fairy. she help cinderella go to the party. sembra naturale?
A: A kind godmother shows up and helps Cinderella go to the party.

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