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Q: Che cosa significa GOP wall?
A: GOP is an acronym that refers to the Republican Party, so I assume "the GOP wall" refers to the border wall that the Republican Party wanted.
Q: Che cosa significa The GOP, conservatives are told, needs to endorse life templates a la carte — supporting gay marriage here, a path to citizenship there.?
A: it means that they should support isolated issues, without folding those issues’ progressive values into their policy base
Q: Che cosa significa GOP operatives?
A: People working for Republican Party in USA.

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Q: The GOP is moving to block the Democrat sweep the voter rights bill.

Q. What does 'sweep a bill' mean?
A: The way it’s currently written, it doesn’t mean anything. If the original sentence is supposed to be sweeping voter rights bill, then it just means that it’s like a widely encompassing bill. Like it will touch on and change a lot of aspects of current legislation regarding voters rights. Otherwise, as far as I know, sweep a bill isn’t a phrase
Q: GOP senator to delay affirming Biden victory by forcing votes on Electoral College results.

What does "by forcing votes on Electoral College results" mean and what means GOP.
A: GOP (Grand Old Party) is another name for the republican party in the US.

The electoral college is America's way of picking the president. 538 votes are divided among the states proportionally to each state's population. These votes are cast by people called electors who are supposed to vote the same way as their state.

On January 6th, the result has to be counted and certified by congress. Any congressman can object to the certification of any state's vote. If this happens, congress determines whether or not to sustain the objection by a simple majority vote in both chambers. The article says that senator Josh Hawley is planning to object when congress counts the vote which will force congress to vote on whether or not sustain his objection.
Q: GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski yesterday suggested Deborah Ramirez, a second accuser, should speak before a Senate panel about her claims of inappropriate sexual behavior by Kavanaugh, also years ago. Remember, the GOP controls the chamber, 51 seats to 49, so it can only afford to lose so many votes and still put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

I can not catch up the sentence of 'so it can only afford to lose so many votes'. Please advise me.
A: In this case “so many” gives us the meaning of there is a limit and once that limit is passed then the situation will change.

Another example:

You can ask your friends for money only so many times.

Means you can ask your friends for money but there is a limit to how many times you can do this before they will say no and stop being your friend.

They can lose some votes. But if they lose too many then they won’t have enough to pass. There is a limit to how many votes they can lose before the situation changes.

Hope this helps
Q: GOP gearing up to challenge District 18 results, impound all voting machines used in special election.

What is that mean of gearing up?
A: Getting ready to do something. They are putting plans in place to start a process.

The town is gearing up for the visitors expected at this week's convention.

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