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Q: Qual è la differenza tra a guidebook about Japan e a guidebook on Japan ?
A: It’s the same meaning just different wording.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra guidebook e handbook e manual ?
A: Handbook: usually has rules and norms to follow at a certain place like a college or corporation

Manual: it’s more for instructions on how to do something like when you buy furniture and you need a manual in order to put it together

Guidebook: it can be a manual but it’s mostly to teach you basic stuff in really quick steps

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Q: 1. The guidebook to address the disasters seriously as our own

2. The tips to think of disaster as an issue that affects you) sembra naturale?
A: × 1. The guidebook to address the disasters seriously as our own
✓ 1. The guidebook for thinking about natural disasters as something that can happen to you.

× 2. The tips to think of disaster as an issue that affects you)
✓ 2. The tips to think of when natural disaster(s) strike.

I'm not sure what type of disasters you mean, so I corrected this under the assumption that you mean natural disasters like Earthquakes, flooding and tornadoes.

Disaster and natural disaster are different, despite having the same results of chaos.

Disaster can be resulted from many things, including war, which is caused by humans.

Natural disasters are earth phenomenon's that are a result of the earth's natural processes. It means humans aren't the cause of the disaster.

The definition of disaster in Japanese - 災害, applies to both the English definition of human caused disaster and natural disaster.

However, in English, there are two different ways of referring to a disaster.

どのような 「 Disasters 」を意味しているのかわからないので、地震や洪水、竜巻などの "自然災害 "を意味していると仮定して修正しました。

「 Disasters 」と「 Natural Disasters 」は、混沌とした結果という点では同じですが、異なるものです。

「 Disasters 」には様々な原因がありますが、その中には人間が引き起こす戦争も含まれます。

「 Natural disasters 」は、地球の自然プロセスの結果として起こる地球現象です。つまり、人間が災害の原因ではないということです。

日本の災害の定義は、「 Disasters 」と「 Natural Disasters 」の両方に当てはまります。

しかし、英語では「 Disaster 」という言葉には2つの異なる表現があります。

Q: Could you please recommend any guidebooks for academic diction? I use mostly colloquial words in my writing but I want to learn how to choose words academically, thank you in advance!
A: First, the word you want is "diction." :) "diction" means vocabulary. "Dictation" means writing down a speech as you listen to it.

I would recommend looking into SAT vocabulary words. The SAT is an exam students take at the end of high school in America in order to get into college. So, they're words that most 1st year college students will know. Some SAT words are really archaic (that's an SAT word lol), but many of them are used in academic writing. Here's a list I found

My Alma Mater (SAT word) has some really good online resources for improving academic writing. I was in the history department, so they're history-focused, but I think the general ideas apply to any subject.

Also, as someone who's had to write academic papers in their non-native language (I had to write research papers in Spanish), what helped me most was reading academic articles and copying the phrases I saw there.

Q: The guidebook is the most credible one. sembra naturale?
A: "/This/ guidebook is the most credible."

If you say "The guidebook is the most credible", the listener won't know which guidebook you're talking about.

If you're pointing to a guidebook, say "That" instead of "This".
Q: This is a guidebook to a 2-day 1-night trekking.
This is a guidebook to a 1-night trekking. sembra naturale?
A: It should be -> This is a guidebook for a 2-day 1-night trek.
Q: The guidebook says the botanical garden is worth spending some time in it. sembra naturale?
A: Take out it at the end and you're perfect.

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