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Q: Che cosa significa hauling?
A: hnisol is correct in the several meanings of "to haul", but in your example, it simply means to transport something, but carries the connotation of being a chore or unpleasant act. They transported the smoker, but were not happy about doing it.
"Why are you taking so much luggage on vacation? It is too much to haul for a 3 day visit."
"I need you to haul yourself to the office as soon as possible. The boss wants to talk to you right away."
"I have hauled these old books from town to town every time I moved, and I am tired of it. I am just going to throw them out."
Q: Che cosa significa "try on haul" or "haul"
I was on YouTube and I saw this but I have no idea!
it is about fashion videos ?
A: In this case, haul = items you bought from the store. It’s not necessarily fashion related, but it can be. A haul video is generally someone just talking about what they bought.

However, a try on haul video means you’re showing what you bought from the store AND you’re putting on what you bought to show what it looks like on your body.
Q: Che cosa significa haul?
A: YouTube haul videos. I used to watch those often.
In those videos, a haul is just everything they bought in one trip.

Target Haul- すべてはTargetへの1回の訪問で買った
Michael's Haul- すべてはMichealsへの1回の訪問で買った

Q: Che cosa significa haul?
A: Haul (verb) = means to pull/drag something (usually heavy things)
Haul (noun) = large amount of things (usually things you buy)
Q: Che cosa significa haul?
A: A book haul would mean you bought a lot of books, or a shopping haul means you did a lot of shopping "let's go do a shopping haul at the mall!"

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con haul.
A: i need to haul this couch back to my house

i put all my boxes in the truck to be hauled off to california

after a tough day at work, i hauled myself back to my apartment

it’s going to be a long haul before you see any results

i bought too much stuff at disney land, i’m gonna have a hard time hauling all this back home
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con haul up
eat one's heart out
give up the ghost
chalk it up
cap in hand
gild the pill
out the lid on it.
A: Haul up: ‘They hauled the boat up onto the beach’

Eat one’s heart out: ‘Their love could eat one’s heart out’

Give up the ghost(normally talks about objects and not actual animals): ‘Our old TV had finally given up the ghost’ (The old tv stopped working

Chalk it up(give credit to): ‘Maths is difficult but I’m gonna chalk it up to me not paying attention in class’

Cap in hand(ask for a favour): ‘I had to go cap in hand asking people for money’

Gild the pill(make something bad look good): ‘The adventure was dangerous and daring to the explorers, so I had to gild the pill by reminding them of all the treasures to be attained’

Out the lid on it(Blow the lid off?(to expose a secret)): ‘We blew the lid off the company’s illegal trades’

Hope this helps 👍
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con haul.
A: It can mean to pull or drag something.

The tuck hauled the trailer.

It can mean to move something.

They hauled everything out of the house and onto the trailer so they could move into a new house.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con haul.
A: The fishermen had a good haul today.
I hauled the heavy suitcase into my room.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con haul ass.
A: It is an expression to leave a place very fast. usually involving something you might be doing something you shouldn't.
The cops are coming. We need to haul ass!
Let's haul ass a teacher is coming this way.
Those kids are drinking beer. If they don't haul ass that cop around the corner is going to catch them.
But not always doing something a person needs to run from.
When vacation time comes, I will be hauling ass to the beach!

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra haul e yank e wrench ?
A: "Haul" means to carry or transport something. "I am hauling the shipment to Texas in my truck."

"Yank" means to pull or jerk something away. "She yanked the book out of his hands."

"Wrench" means to forcefully pull something away against resistance. "He held onto the book tightly, but she managed to wrench it out of his hands."
Q: Qual è la differenza tra haul e drag e tow ?
A: They all mean to "carry" but there are small differences.

Haul is used for very HEAVY things, like planes or a shipment, or a car.

Drag means that it is a little difficult to do. If you have a child and they are angry and don't want to go somewhere, you might say "I dragged the kid." If you cannot carry your suitcase because it is to hard, you drag it.

Tow is special. It usually means there is some machine or object (a rope or a chain) that does the carrying. For example, if you are driving and your car stops working, you get it towed.

Does that help?
Q: Qual è la differenza tra haul e pull e drag ?
A: Pull = very basic idea of moving something towards you
Haul = this sounds like the item is REALLY big or REALLY heavy
Drag = this sounds like the item is on the ground or like it does not have wheels

Pull: She pulled out a blue dress from her closet. Pulling open the drawer, I found some pens. Pull up a chair next to me.
Haul: She hauled the suitcase up the stairs (I imagine a HEAVY suitcase). It took two men to haul out the chest (a BIG or HEAVY chest). It was worth all the work in the long haul (this is a special phrase. Long haul = "a lot of work").
Drag: He dragged his feet as he walked. Don't drag your coat on the ground: it will get dirty! Do you know that your bag is dragging on the floor?
Q: Qual è la differenza tra haul e pull e drag ?
A: Haul usually implies something big (thinking furniture, moving trucks etc.) usually pulled by a vehicle. If you used your truck to take something to the dumpster.

Pull means you are using your strength to move something (opposite of push where you use weight to move something). Drag is similar to pull, but it implies more difficulty. You might pull a wagon with a small child, but drag is something with resistance. For instance, I had to move a heavy desk that I could not lift myself. I had to drag the desk (pull slowly and with difficulty).
Q: Qual è la differenza tra haul e drag e pull ?
A: Haul is to pick up and move something big/heavy. Drag is to pull/move something along the ground. Pull is to grab something and move it (pull it).

Traduzionde di "Haul"

Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? what is mean 'haul' ? I saw repeatly this word in youtube
A: Haul means pulling or dragging something with effort and force.
But in Youtube Hauls it's showing what you bought (clothes,beauty products, etc). Usually there are a lot of items in the videos, 8~15 roughly, and because it's a lot the person "hauled" all of it from the store to show you. Might sound confusing.Sorry.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? what does "haul"mean?some YouTubers would have some videos like make up "haul" or shopping "haul"?
A: a large amount of something that you have to pull. there is also a nuance of guilt around it because either you got it really cheap, stolen, or maybe you took too much
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? haul

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Q: He energetically hauls his body after them, and now he is high in the tree, almost at the top of the leaf canopy swaying beneath him as it might do in alarm.

What does it mean by “as it might do in alarm”?
The leaf canopy was swaying beneath him, which was very dangerous?

Thank you for your kindness!
A: The leaf canopy is swaying beneath him as though it is alarmed. Obviously it does not really have feelings, but if it were alarmed, that's the kind of movement it might make - maybe a kind of rustling panic :)
Q: 1ঃ haul me out
is it mean pull here?
2ঃbent me over?
Is it a sexual act?
A: Haul me out = Take me out of the garage.
Bent me over = Yes, it is a sexual act. To bend him forward over the hood of the car to prepare him for anal sex.
Q: What does

haul for

mean? sembra naturale?
A: Yes that’s a good definition
Q: What does 'haul' mean? like 'food haul' 'geek haul' 'Japen haul'
A: In this case, it means something like "buying a lot of..."

'food haul' -> 'buying a lot of food'
'geek haul' -> 'buying a lot of geeky stuff'
Q: What does haul out means? It was used for a bird in water.
A: to haul out = to (roughly, or with a lot of effort) pull something out of somewhere
a haul-out = a location where things can be removed, like a ramp out of shallow water

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