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Q: Qual è la differenza tra hearer on the radio e listener on the radio ?
A: "Hearer" is actually not a word in the English language, while "listener" is.

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Q: When you want to ask the hearer to wait at the place where the hearer is now, over the phone, which is correct,

a) 'wait there, and I'm coming to you.'

b) 'wait here, and I'm coming to you.'

Thank you for help❣️

A: “A” would be correct.
Q: I hearers this

I can get this before we go out to eat.

And translation is it below as 우리 밥 먹으러 가기 전에 이거 사야겠다.

My question is where are the buy in this English sentence.
A: Some people will use “get” instead of “buy” and they will still mean the same thing.

If you are getting something from the store essentially you have to “buy” it before you can “get it”

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