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Q: Che cosa significa Hemingway loved Stein and she reciprocated his love.?
A: Yes, she felt the same.

reciprocate means to respond in the same way.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Hemingway is the writer whom my father likes best e Hemingway is the writer whom my father likes the best ?
A: I found an article that might help you!! It explains your question!!

A studied some bits of grammar and came across
a thing that puzzeled me.

Is there any difference between the following

1) John chose the exam because he knew this subject best.

2) John chose the exam because he knew this subject THE best.

I suppose (1) means John knows the subj. better than
any other subj. But (2) - with "THE" - emphasizes
that he knows subj. better than anybody (in a certain group, etc)

Is it right? Thanx in advance!

Best and the best are adverbs in your sentences and therefore both are correct and there is no difference in meaning. They normally refer to this subject. English grammar is easy to learn since there is so little of it, but that very fact can lead to ambiguity. Superlatives of adverbs need no article, but, if you want to include an article, it is possible:

He sings most beautifully.
= 1. more beautifully than anyone else
2. very/extremely beautifully (In other words, the structure can be interpreted as an absolute superlative.)

He sings the most beautifully.
= 1. more beautifully than anyone else
Q: Qual è la differenza tra I don't like Hemingway. e I don't care for Hemingway. ?
A: I think it is the same meaning. You're just rewording it.
I guess to say directly "I don't like..." may be kind of rude or too forward. So it's reworded to Sound more polite, but it's really the same meaning.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea is as good a meataphor of humanity as ( ), for it conveys the desperation and absurdity of the human condition.

i wanna put "whatever i know " in the bracket.
but it seems incorrect.

WHY? Thank you.
A: I would probably write it like this:

Hemingway's book, The Old Man and the Sea, is the best metaphor for humanity due to its ability to convey the desperation and absurdity of the human condition.

You can add ”in my opinion” to the beginning if you choose, but it's a stronger argument if you do not include it.

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Q: I will read Hemingway next after finishing my current reading.
Because his English is simple and clear as well as terse. It could be a good role model when making a essay. sembra naturale?
A: "role model" is not the best choice here.
It could be a good style template when writing an essay.
It could be a good expression guide when writing an essay.
Q: I'd like to try to read Hemingway's which one of his works would you recommend?
A: I have the book short stories by Hemingway. It's pretty good. But remember most of hemming ways stories have a sad ending and can be depressing to read.
Q: Other Hemingway writings might be influenced by Christianity. The Garden of Eden written by him sounds fishy from its title. Further consideration will be needed to yield any findings about other works. sembra naturale?
A: The first 'might' doesn't fit, use 'could': "...writings could be influenced by..."

Don't use fishy here -- it just means 'suspicious' and a reader won't think 'influenced by Christianity' when they read it. Use 'might', "His novel, 'The Garden of Eden', might be one of the works influenced."

The last sentence is really clunky. I would rewrite it: "Its influence on his other works will require more thought". (No matter how I wrote that sentence, "consideration" sounded wrong to me -- don't be afraid to use common/simple words, they often sound better!)

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