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Q: Che cosa significa Hi, could anyone tell me the meaning of the phrase which highlighted in this passage ?
Thanks !!?
A: okay so this line is talking about the interior decor.
"The luxurious Parisian notes" refer to the parts of the decor that are Parisian (of or from Paris) whether it be vases, paintings, lamps, etc. The second part is a little more ambiguous. "offer themselves to a fiercely feminine interior." basically means that the Parisian parts are paired with the extremely feminine interior. I would understand (from this sentence) that the Parisian parts of the design pair very well with the feminine design.
Q: Che cosa significa Hi everyone, I have some questions about phrases that underlined in yellow, Could anyone help me to figure them out ?
Thank you !?
A: This is obviously very poetic writing: 1) fancy way of saying the bookcase is behind the couch they are sitting and talking on. 2) the (magazine) collection is an attempt to impress women. 3) Music by Lou Reed is being played and it is apparently captivating (pursuit could be implying a courtship or attempt at romance). 4) "offer themselves" here means "contribute towards"
Q: Che cosa significa Hi there!?
A: Just another way of saying "Hi!" :)
Q: Che cosa significa Hi. I hope you enjoyed Valentine's. Why not sharing??
A: バレンタイン楽しかった?どうだったか教えてよ。
Q: Che cosa significa Hi, today is my first day here. I want to have more practice. What is difference between dinner and supper??
A: Different people use different words- "Dinner" is usually a meal at the end of the day, and "Supper" is the same thing, but it's more of a snack, a small meal. There isn't a big difference, so you could use either, but "Supper" is normally smaller.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Hi Hello Thanks how are you doing man dad mother’s sister .
A: Hello nice to meet you you can use hi or hello which ever you prefer
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Hi, I don't understand passive voice... help me please, how I learn this topic??.
A: Active "I made a cake."
Passive "A cake was made"

Active "I ate a cherry"
Passive "A cherry was eaten"

A "That house burned down.
P "A house burned down"
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Hi babe.
A: I think 'hey babe' is more common.

Hey babe, what are you doing.
Hey babe, do you need help lifting that.
Hey babe, I was think we should go see a movie.
Hey babe, did you see what just happened.
Hey babe, what's wrong?
Hey babe.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Hi guys!) How is it better?
1) This helps to keep the project working.
2) This helps to spy the project working..
A: By the way, it's better without TO, and with GOING: This helps _ keep the project GOING.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Hi, I'd like to know other expressions of "why don't we meet #place#?".
A: Hey! How is it going? Hi, how are you? So, what's new? Do you want to go to the mall? Do you want to grab a bite to eat? (go to dinner, lunch, breakfast)

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Hi e Hey ?
A: Nothing is different really. Hi is more formal and hey is less formal. Ex: "Hi! How are you?" And "Hey! How are you?" Hey could also mean to get someone's attention Ex: "Hey, over here." And "Hey, stop it."
Q: Qual è la differenza tra "Hi" e "Hello" ?
A: hi is a little less formal than hello.
i use hi when I'm greeting friends and family. but, there are no rules when using either.
it might sound better to use hello when greeting your boss or some executive or maybe meeting for the first time.
i often use hello when i am just passing by strangers and greeting them.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Hi e Hey e Hello ?
A: They're all the same but vary from formal to informal!

Hi: This is considered informal, it can be used to greet friends or family. It is considered awkward in some cases so be careful using it.

Hey: This is informal, it can be used as a greeting for friends and family. This is the most common greeting used today.

Hello: This is formal, the greeting can be used for co-workers, your boss, people you have just met, etc. It can be used for friends and family as well but it's not common.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. 😊
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Hello e Hi ?
A: Hi is more informal than Hello.

You can say:
Good day or good evening - formal
Hello - neutral
Hi - slightly informal
Hey - very informal

US English is pretty informal, so we rarely say "good day" or "good evening". You can say "hello" to almost anyone.
You can say "hi" to anyone except someone who is very superior. (I would say "hi" to my boss, but not to the President.)
You can say "hey" to a friend.

("Good morning" and "good evening" are not as formal as "good day" or "good evening".)
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Hi! I'm John! e Hello! I'm John! ?
A: They mean the same thing but the word hi is used more casually, like if you are taking to s friend or family member. Hello is more often used professionally, like when applying for a job, greying a new client, so on. It does not matter which one you use. Either one can be used anytime.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? Hi, everyone. Who can tell me more expressions of hunger?
A: I’m peckish
I’m starving
I’m famished
I could eat a horse
My stomachs’s growling
My stomach’s rumbling
I could use a snack
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Hi, guys! I'm reading Oliver Twist and in chapter 10 it says: Carry the thief to Mr. Giles's room!!

My question is: Shouldn't it be Mr. Giles' room? Because the name already ends with s.
A: When adding 's to names that end with S different publications follow different rules. Some say it should be Giles's some say Giles'
There is no universal correct answer. Pick one style and stick with it.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Hi,
How can I ask the time of something happened?
I work onboard and I want to ask the time of dropping achor. Can I say 'What is the time of anchor dropping time?' Does it make sense or Is there better way to ask it?
A: if she already dropped the anchor you can say the same thing except "when DID the anchor drop? (just change the word will to drop)
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Hi! pls see the screenshot and then help me.
how I can fill the empty spaces?
I'm a bit confused about the order or correct prepositions
thank you
A: 2. She’s at university in Shanghai
3. I’m in a taxi in the city centre
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Hi people
A: it's better to say Hi everyone

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Q: Hi grandpa, how are you? That’s great! I heard that you go Day Care Service three times a week, what do you always do there? sembra naturale?
A: × I heard that you go Day Care Service three times a week, what do you always do there?
✓ I heard that you go to Day Care Service three times a week, what do you always do there?

Q: Hi, can I ask you if the following sentences sound natural? 🙂

(1) A feather flew to him.

(2) A feather was blown to him.
A: sounds natural, as long as there is context :) optionally, you can put "over" before "to," or change it to "towards" if you want the sentence to sound less simple.
Q: Hi friends,
Is there a flowery way to say that the time of the program, for example, is over soon, so we should stop talking about the subject being spoken, in other words there is not enough time to deal with the subject in depth,
for example - קצרה היריעה, נמשיך שבוע הבא - flowery
זמננו תם, נמשיך בשבוע הבא - normal
Our time is up, we will continue next week. - normal
Our time is up - is there a flowery way to state it?
thanks 🙂
A: It seems our time has come to an end…
I am sad to cut our conversation short, but I’m afraid our time is up.
Regrettably, it seems that we don’t have the luxury of time to continue to discuss this in detail.
Q: Hi permission sembra naturale?
A: @ShandyVerdyo

Right, the Indonesian word Permisi really doesn’t translate as permission 😁

Excuse me please!


Q: Hi friends,
is there an English term that means you do not want to speak at length about the subject being spoken?
thanks 🙂
A: There's no one term, but you can keep your sentences short and clipped to communicate that idea.

"hey you look upset. Are you ok?"
"I'm fine."

When said in a short, clipped voice, "I'm fine" almost always means "I'm not ok, but I don't want to talk about it"

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