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Q: "Hogg is in no condition to play with his injury, he would have looked more at place on The Walking Dead."

This is an example that I found when I was looking for examples of "in no condition" on the website ”Do People Say.”

1. Is it correct that the two clauses are connected without conjunction or semicolon because this is a colloquial expression?

2. Is there no need for an article before place?
A: 1. yes, this is an informal way to write. It's not appropriate to do this in formal writing.

2. I don't think "at place" is correct either. Maybe they mean "at home". People say "out of place" if something doesn't fit in its surroundings, so I guess this person invented "at place" to be the opposite of that.

Maybe it's a term that I just haven't heard. It's pretty clear what they mean, anyway.

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