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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? J.Sherrinford Holmes and Ormond Sacker
A: These are names. Names do not have any kind of translation.

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Q: But it starts with Holmes coming in carrying a harpoon having spent the morning spearing pigs.

Q. Is "after" omitted after "a harpoon"? If it is, why?
A: Yes, that’s right, it shows the series of events. But it’s also explaining why someone is doing something. Holmes is coming in carrying a harpoon because he was spearing pigs that morning.

He ate three sandwiches and a salad, having eaten almost nothing at breakfast.

She came in wearing a new dress and shoes, having bought new clothes that morning.

They walked off the airplane unsteadily, having spent the whole flight dealing with air turbulence.
Q: A Mr. Holmes, who wanted to see you, came while you were out. sembra naturale?
A: The grammar is correct, but it sounds quite awkward. I would say: Mr Holmes wanted to see you. He came while you were out.
Q: Holmes hit the professor Presbury.
-Watson: What happened? What did you that?
-Holmes: Because we need to find the keys.
-Watson: But, How we are going to find the keys?
It's for a homework sembra naturale?
A: Holmes hit professor Presbury.
Watson: What happened? Why did you do that?
Holmes: Because we need to find the keys.
Watson: But how are we going to find the keys?

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