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Q: Che cosa significa Hoover?
A: Yes, it definitely means to suck something up like a vacuum cleaner does. It is common in BritEng to make the brand name Hoover into a verb ("I have to Hoover quickly before my parents get home and see this mess"), but we don't use it in AmEng. So he was indiscriminately sucking on her naked body and he accidentally sucked in and swallowed some of her jewelry.
In AmEng, we do say things like "I will Google it" even if we are using Yahoo or another search engine besides Google, or say "I need to Xerox this page", even though we are not using a Xerox made photocopier. In AmEng, you can verbify any word.

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Q: So Hoover wanted to encourage people to buy domestic goods by raising tariffs and thereby raising the price of imported goods, activating the domestic market and increasing government revenue. sembra naturale?

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