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Q: Che cosa significa "you're all hopped out?"?
A: he’s just saying the kid is exhausted from hopping. It’s like if someone eats too much cake and then someone says, “you’re all caked out”. Which means they consumed too much of something that it becomes boring. This can be used with anything but it’s not very common.
Q: Che cosa significa hopped up on catnip?
A: drugs make you high and sometimed euphoric.
cats get high on catnip.
hopped up is slang for being high.

hopped up (high) on catnip.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra hopped in e hopped on ?
A: I hopped on a bus and I hopped in a car. There’s basically no difference and if you use the wrong one people will still understand what you are trying to say
I hopped on a bus
I hopped in a bus
I hopped in a bus is wrong, but it still makes sense for people to understand

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Q: What does “you’re hopped up on tea bags” mean?
A: "Hopped up" means "very energetic; hyperactive." So, it means that you are hyperactive because of the caffeine in tea.

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