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Q: Che cosa significa Hospitals were trying to honor long-delayed appointments for non-Covid ailments and treating the sorts of heart attack and stroke patients who had avoided hospitals?
A: Heart attacks and strokes are very serious. But because of Covid, many people couldn’t or wouldn’t go to the hospital. They had to wait a long time to be able to see a doctor (“long-delayed appointments”).

Doctors are trying to treat these people now, but hospitals are still very full. Also, many doctors and nurses are working on Covid patients, so there’s not a lot to work on non-Covid patients.
Q: Che cosa significa Hospitals are no place to be sick.?
A: It's basically saying a hospital is not a good place to be if you're sick, despite that being a hospitals purpose. It's a clever way to say 'hospitals aren't very good'. If someone says this, they don't think highly of hospitals.

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Q: Hospitals in the countryside have to pay doctors a lot of money to attract people. sembra naturale?
A: このままでも全然問題ないと思いますが、強いて言えば ‘to attract people’はちょっと微妙かもしれません。 ‘people’ が何を指しているかはっきりしない感じです(医者か患者か)。多分人を「集める」と言いたかったのかな? ‘to ask them to move in’ や、いっそ ‘because not many doctors want to work there (or in the countryside)’ などにしてもいいかもしれませんね。
Q: 1)Hospitals are crowded because of coronavirus.
2)Hospitals are crowded due to coronavirus.
A: both got same meaning
Q: Hospitals here are attatched with a record number of patients.
Hospitals here are serving a record number of patients.

Q. I know they both means there are many patients being treated in the hospitals. But What could be the slight difference between the two sentences regarding their meaning or tone of the text?
A: If you're wrong about this, that makes two of us ✌🏼😊
Q: Hospitals have various specialist units such as cardiology or oncology for example. sembra naturale?
A: specialty units

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