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Q: Che cosa significa hula?
A: It's a type of dance
Q: Che cosa significa hula out of something?
A: I've never heard this expression. It may mean 'wiggle out of something' as in avoid responsibility for something:
Just by telling a lie, he was able to wiggle out of responsibility for the broken window.

Hula is a dance from Hawaii where the dancers sway gently from side to side.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con hula hoop

(verb and noun) .
A: I like to hula hoop every Tuesday
the hula hoop is over there
I bought a hula hoop
my niece likes to hula hoop

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Would you like to learn hula? e Would you like to learn hula dancing ? ?
A: HI there! Thank you for your answer!
Which expression is more commonly used in your country?
1)Would you like to learn hula? and 2) Would you like to learn hula dancing ??

Do you also say::::: Would you like to learn the hula?
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Would you like to learn hula? e Would you like to learn hula dancing ? ?
A: I don't believe there is a difference and if there is it is very small

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Q: I like to hula hoop.


I like hula hoop.

Which is the correct?
“I like to hula hoop.”
Q: I've practised hula for 3 years.

Does this sound natural?
A: yeah, it's alright to say this. But 'been practising' is more correct
Q: Recently, I learn a hula with mom. Because I`m going to Tokyo next April, I wanna make good memories and cherish the time with mom. Now, I live in Hokkaido and senior student. I couldn`t move my hip well first. It`s important to move a hip to express feminity in hula. I have to use my knees otherwise it will be shapeless because i must be silly movement. It`s difficult to move my hands and legs at the same time. I thought I can do it well because I learned piano for 12 years. But thanks to learning a piano, I`m good at moving my palms. sembra naturale?
A: Recently, I learned how to hula with my mom. Because I'm going to Tokyo next April, I want to cherish my time with my mom and make some good memories. Right now, I live in Hokkaido with a senior student( not sure what you're trying to say here) At first, I couldn't move my hip well. It's important that you move your hips in order to express femininity in hula. I am forced to use my knees or else I will just be making silly, shapeless movements. I find it difficult to move my hands and legs at the same time despite having learned piano for 12 years, which should have helped my coordination. However, thanks to my piano learning experience, I'm good at moving my palms.
Q: ”sophisticated Hula” is very popular as a hula song in Japan. The song says Let's hula together under the moon light on the beach until the dawn. sembra naturale?
A: "Sophisticated Hula" is a very popular hula song in Japan. This song says, "let's hula together under the moonlight on the beach until dawn.
Q: I'm often listening to hula musics on youtube when I use PC. sembra naturale?
A: Some correct ways:
1. "I'm often listening to hula music on YouTube."
2. "When I'm on YouTube, I often listen to hula music."
3. "I listen to YouTube's Hula music when I'm on the PC."

The first and second example sound better than the third.
Hope this helps you. :)

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