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Q: what does hypertrophy mean when talking about bodybuilding does it refer to the enlargement of the body organ that's what I got on wordreference maybe you could give me more details about it also an explanation thanks again beforehand.
A: Hypertrophy is a term used when a part of the body or an organ enlarges. It is usually used in the medical field.

There are 2 kinds:

1. Physiologic Hypertrophy
- is the normal enlargement of a part/organ.
For example: Your muscled becomes toned & larger due to exercising at the gym.
Your muscles on your legs enlarges from walking everyday.

2. Pathologic Hypertrophy
- the abnormal enlargement or enlargement of a part/organ due to a disease/tumor.
For example: Her arm enlarged 10cm after the last check up last month. The doctor diagnosed that she has a malignant (cancerous) tumor growing in her arm.
Q: I've been on a hypertrophy diet sembra naturale?
A: If you want more slang I’d say “I’ve” instead of “I have” but it’s just a recommendation on personal preference

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