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Q: Qual è la differenza tra impostor or imposter?

объясните разницу этих слов и скажите когда они употребляются e Now were he impostor and called himself prince, look you THAT would be natural; that would be reasonable.
That makes him an imposter. ?
A: They are the same word.
"Impostor" is the American spelling, and
"imposter" is the British spelling.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Were you the impostor yesterday, weren't you? e You were the impostor, weren't you? ?
A: " Were you the impostor yesterday, weren't you?" doesn't make sense. You are asking the same question twice in the same sentence. You can say:
"Were you the impostor yesterday?" (I don't know if you were or weren't. I have no suspicion either way)
"You were the impostor, weren't you?" (I suspect that you were the impostor. I want you to confirm it)
Q: Qual è la differenza tra impostor e imposter ?
A: Imposter and impostor are both correct. Although, you'll see impostor in dictionaries and offical word documents. They both mean the same thing, like adviser / advisor and
adapter / adaptor.

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is this okay????

How did we get impostors?
Well, first what happened is that we were slimes a type of alien, we
were practically immortal because we had a nucleus, I put a situation
that if one died it would leave its nucleus of slime that if you joined it with
slime (not alive) it would regenerate his body one quiet day a ship
arrived among us began to explore the planet they found us they caught
half of us but some were saved.
A: It’s a bit rough. Some of the word choices are questionable and I don’t have enough context to know what you actually meant. Plus sci-fi uses weird words anyway so I don’t know what was deliberate.

But here I go:

How did we get invaders?
Well first off, we were slimes, a type of alien. We were practically immortal because we had nuclei. So in a situation where one of us died, he would leave his nucleus behind, and if you joined it with dead slime, his body would regenerate. One quiet day, a ship arrived right in front of us. As they began to explore the planet, they found us. They caught half of us, but some of us escaped.
Q: I want to know who the impostor is

That's right,

I want to know who the imposter is – this is correct. 100% statement, not question

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