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Q: Che cosa significa incestuous?
A: Relationships between family members
Q: Che cosa significa incestuous pit?
A: Incest is considered immoral across the world. We know it is gross and unethical, but in this regards it is talking about how deeply webbed the corruption of immorality the federal bureaucracy has become. It is a metaphor to say it Washington DC has become unethical, immoral, and corrupt.

You could say it is also closed-minded. There is the idea that the children of those who have held power and whose parents have been president also tend to rule. One example is President Bush. There are two of the same name who become president in the United States. It is the same way that if I owned a place of business I would probably want to keep it in the family instead of allowing fresh blood to come in to bring new ideas.

It really depends on the content of what is spoken afterwards in reference of this metaphor. That is the beauty about metaphors. It can have very deep meanings and stand for slightly different things depending on the course of your conversation.

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