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Q: Che cosa significa indie?
A: “independent” - most likely to refer to music, films, etc. that are not produced by a big studio.
Q: Che cosa significa indie girls?
A: being indie refers to stand for what you're. it's like not caring what others think or talk about you. you just believe in your individuality and cherish it.
Q: Che cosa significa What would be some indie bands (independent bands) from the UK??
A: The question is asking for some examples of indie bands from the UK. 'Indie' is a genre of music. You could answer it by saying "Some indie bands from the UK are The Smiths and The Strokes."
Q: Che cosa significa indie?
A: It's short for "independent"

It usually refers to things that are independently funded (like films or stores), and it's also a music genre.

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Q: I'm an indie game developer and I'm looking for a translator to correct the English of my indie visual novel game, the original script is written in Spanish. The game is quite long and has a lot of development ahead of it. For now I can't pay, because I don't earn enough, it would be working voluntarily until I have a good source of income in order to pay you back monetarily for the effort made to work with the translation correction,.
Q: I am an indie game creator. Does this sound natural?
A: Yes, sounds natural
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia indie .
Q: I don't know what indie fashion stores in Tokyo.
sembra naturale?
A: I think what you mean is I don't know of any fashion stores in Tokyo :)

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