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Q: Qual è la differenza tra influenza e flu ?
A: no difference. although flu may be (incorrectly) used to describe the common cold.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? influenza is spreading out
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? influenza
A: The Flu, or Flu
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? influenza
A: Influenza but most people just say Flu or the Flu

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Q: I was diagnosed with influenza.

I was diagnosed as influenza.
A: The first one is the natural one.

I was diagnosed as depressed. 🟢(A person that IS depressed)🟢

I was diagnosed as depression ❌

You are not a virus, you are a human, so you cannot be diagnosed as influenza.
Q: I have got influenza of A type, which is the most powerful disease I have ever got so far. I had a fever for almost two days. I should have taken the vaccine. sembra naturale?
A: small corrections:

Last month ( I would put WHEN you got sick in the first part of the sentence )
I got sick with A type influenza. It was the most powerful disease I have ever got. I had a fever for almost two days. I should have taken the vaccine.
1) When you put the time frame ( last year, last month, a few weeks ago etc) it orients the reader and it helps balance the sentence.

2) I came down with the flu.....
I got sick with ......
I fell ill with....

all of these phrases work well.

3) It was the most powerful disease...
You can also say: I have never been so ill in my life.

4) you can add more about how you were sick:
I had a fever...
I was weak and incapacitated.
I was coughing......

Q: recently, influenza seems like getting popular, take care your body sembra naturale?
A: Suggestion: "Recently, the flu seems to be going around, take care of yourself."

Great work! Some comments below:
* 'Influenza' is formal. 'the flu' is more casual.
* Diseases do not get 'popular' because people do not want them. I often say 'going around' or 'getting around'.
* We often take care of 'ourselves' ('yourself') or just take care. It is not normal to specify the body here.
Q: Because of A-type influenza is popular. I’m wearing a mask. Every time I put a mask on feels weird and something disgusting. Seldom I can smell and taste sugary thing in my mouth. With the mask on I can smell and taste it stronger. Not just the smell and taste I can feel my skin over my face get something wrong. Feel like bacteria cover my face. One more thing I’m wearing glasses. Every time I wear glasses and put on the mask. I cannot see things properly. Everything is covered with fog especially in winter time.
I’m curious about the name of influenza. Why do we call that as A-type? Is there any special reason?
I heard from someone that A-type is for ‘adult’ and B-type is for ‘baby’. It is very….easy to understand. But is it right? Really?
Fortunately, I’m not getting into cold right now. My temperature is low enough but low enough to feel a headache. I need to do something. sembra naturale?
A: Because an influence A strain is going around (this is how we talk about diseases spreading by saying they are "going around" it's quite common to hear about a "cold going 'round" I'm wearing a mask. (I wouldn't but a full-stop before this".

...I put on a mask it* feels weird,
...I put on a mask and I feel weird,

you can* say "something disgusting" for instance I like saying "I'm feeling something awful today" but it does sound a little odd (which is intentional on my part).

More natural would be "weird and a little disgusting but "disgusting" is a very strong word and seems a bit out of place alongside "weird" so I would say gross here.

Seldom can I smell and taste sugary things (in my mouth is unnecessary).

With the mask on my sense of smell and taste is stronger.

...the skin on my face feels wrong.

...feels like bacteria are covering my face.

I also wear glasses when I put on the mask(?) not entirely sure what you're trying to say.

Everytime I put on glasses and a mask (saying the* mask sounds a bit weird like you're referring to a specific mask) I cannot see properly (again, no full-stop here).

Why do we call it an A-type.

... I don't have a cold right not. My temperature is low but not low enough to feel a headache.

Everything else is good!
Q: I got an influenza vaccine. Did you get it ? sembra naturale?
A: 「Influenza vaccine」が正しいですが、会話の時、「flu shot」の方が自然です。もう一つは「Did you get it?」に「Did you get one?」を変えると自然になります。

"Influenza vaccine" isn't wrong, but "flu shot" is better in conversation. Additionally, it will be more natural if you change "did you get it?" to "did you get one?"

Hope this helps!

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