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Q: Che cosa significa inmate?
Q: Che cosa significa Two inmates broke out of prison and are still at large?
A: “Still at large” means they are still going strong, in this case they just escaped prison and are still committing crimes.
Q: Che cosa significa inmate?
A: someone who is in jail. They are called prison inmates.
Q: Che cosa significa inmate?
A: an inmate is a person who is confined in an institution such as a prison.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra #1 inmates e #2 prisoners ?
A: A prisoner is in a prison.

An inmate can be in a prison or a jail.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra inmate e prisoner ?
A: "Inmate" and "prisoner" have overlapping meanings. "Inmate" is a more formal word meaning someone who is in a prison. But a prisoner means not just someone who is in prison, but also someone who has been captured, or kept confined.

So, people who are in prison are both inmates and prisoners. However, a person who has been taken hostage is a "prisoner" but not an "inmate." A person who is a trapped in some way is a prisoner (metaphorically), but is not an inmate.

The word prisoner is also used in a number of idioms, such as, "prisoner of his desires" (a person who is controlled by their own desires.) I don't think there are any idioms that use "inmate."

Q: Qual è la differenza tra inmate e resident ?
A: An inmate is a person who is in jail.
A resident is someone who lives at a place.

So you are a resident of your house.
But because an inmate lives at a jail, then can also be a resident of that jail. However, they are usually just referred to as inmates.

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Q: I heard in ( beyond scared straight ) an inmate says “take them glasses from your ass”
Does this sound natural ?
Why didn’t he say take them from your ass or take glasses from your ass ?
And he also said let me see them glasses
A: "them glasses" is grammatically incorrect.
Some people use "them" instead of "those", in regions where it is popular and in contexts where correctness is not important.
Q: This inmate escaped while I was sleeping. sembra naturale?
A: Sounds natural

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