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Q: Che cosa significa fierce intension?
A: Probably "fierce intention".

Could mean the same as a "very strong intention" or "to very strongly intend".

Or it could mean that the intention is fierce/extreme/violent/etc.
Q: Che cosa significa intension, aim and purpose(what is the difference among them?)?
A: Intension is the wilful act of doing something
Aim is the direction of something
Purpose is the goal you are trying to obtain (example- what’s the purpose of doing that?)
Q: Che cosa significa I have no intension of dancing. You must excuse me.?
A: @Ri-na: It should be "intention" not "intension" :) and it means that the person is not planning on dancing and doesn't want to dance, and they are asking for people to forgive them for not dancing

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra intension e feeling ?
A: I think you mean intention (intension is a less commonly used word that means something is meant but not stated outright like a connotation or an implication. It's a common misspelling though so if you did misspell it don't worry!)

Intention and feeling are normally quite different, their usual contexts have some following examples:

"I feel sick"

"I feel sad."

"I feel really good today!"

"I feel like that person is mad at me."

"It wasn't my intention to insult you."

"I intend on going to college."

But sometimes intent and feeling are somewhat interchangeable.

"I intend on watching a movie," and "I feel like watching a movie," are similar but "I feel like" is more casual and also doesn't mean that I will watch the movie, just that I want to.

"I intend on watching a movie," sounds more formal and also a lot more certain.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra I have no intension e I have no intention ?
Q: Qual è la differenza tra I have intension of eating sone donuts e I am supposed to eat some donuts ?
A: When you say I have intentions it means you are going to eat it. But when you say I am suppose to eat some donuts. Suppose is like you are required to eat the donut.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra intension e tension ?
A: Intension is what you mean to do. Tension is a feeling - there is tension when you pull a rubber band, there is the INtension to break it.

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Q: I want to convince him. So I will speak intension or insist on my straight voice. sembra naturale?
A: ‎I need to convince him. So I will tell him my intentions and desire to succeed.

I'm not sure I have the correct meaning you want. I changed want to need, because it better says convincing him is important to you. I didn't know what was meant by straight voice. I assumed it meant your desire to succeed.
Q: I usually have an intension span of about 20 minutes. sembra naturale?
A: I think you meant I usually have an attention span of about 20 minutes.
Q: I should have stood by him but I had no bad intensions. sembra naturale?

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