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Q: Che cosa significa Jame's room was place out of bounds?
A: No one is allowed in Jame's room
Q: Che cosa significa It's not Jame Austen, it's not Henry James, but it's gripping?
A: Gripping: it makes you want to read more. Catches your attention.
Jane Austen and Henry james are wonderful writers

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Q: Jame breaks down the songs that have inspired him!
What does BREAK DOWN mean?
A: here "to break down" means "to elaborate it meticulously in detail " in short "to explain in depth."

now "breaks down the songs" might mean either "he tell the meaning behind song lyric by lyric" or "gives a detailed information about melodic structure of song" or "explains process that how the song get to its final recorded version."
Q: "Jame featured in the drama" sembra naturale?
A: Yes. It is very good.
Q: 1) This Jame's umbrella.
2) This is women's club.
3)where is your child's room?
4) we learnt many interesting things about earth's surface. sembra naturale?
A: this is Jame's umbrella

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