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Q: I'm Japanease!
I've lived in Mie,Kobe and now live in Kyoto!
(わたしは日本人です!三重と神戸に住んだことがあり、今は京都に住んでいます!) sembra naturale?
A: Instead of "and" I would say "Mie and Kobe but" now (I) live... because you are making contrast. Otherwise, it's 100% natural. Just note the spelling of Japanese.
Q: It's strange that Japanease can't speak English well even although they had studied it for 6 years. sembra naturale?
A: @RinkaMeow:
it's better if you say :
It's strange that most Japanese people can't speak English very well , although they studied it for 6 years .
Q: In Japanease, there are many way to talk depend on man, woman, or adlut, child. Moreover, The aspect that the same pronounced words has different meaning makes Japanease difficult.
(I just write to practice English,so it's not my opinion.) sembra naturale?
A: 'In Japanese, there are many ways to talk depending on whether it is a man, woman, chile or adult. Moreover, the aspect that words with the same pronunciation have different meanings which make Japanese difficult.'
Q: In Japanease society, we live, it seems more important to get along with other people than respect individual. sembra naturale?
A: In Japanese society, it seems to be more important to go along with the flow than appreciating individualism.

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