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Q: Che cosa significa Jesse Miller,who submitted this photo,snapped in Washington State.?
A: They took the picture. We often say " I snapped a photo" instead of "I took the photo."

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Jesse Owensは ナチス支配化の中でのオリンピックで、ナチス式の敬礼をしなかった人です。
A: Jesse Owens is the man who, at the Olympics held in Nazi Germany, did not do a Nazi salute.

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Q: What does Jesse (John Stamos) say to Rebecca(Lori Loughlin)?
A: Oh boy isn’t referring to her. It’s more of a phrase for expressing surprise. Kind of like “oh god!” Or “oh no!”
Q: Jesse. We got to cook. sembra naturale?
A: I don't know the context, so it leaves questions in my mind. But if you are checking pronunciation then it's pretty good.
Q: Jesse's iPhone.
iPhone of Jesse

Is this Same?
A: "Jesse's phone" = Jesse のでんわ
Jesse's phone is correct
Q: In Breaking Bad, Jesse was cooking two eggs, saying as follows.
What did he mean?

00:15:59,092 --> 00:16:00,758
This is your brain.

00:16:05,358 --> 00:16:07,471
This is your brain on drugs.
A: In Japanese, "scrambled eggs" is 炒り卵. We can also say "scrambled brains" when you take too many drugs and your brain gets damaged.
Jesse is making a joke about how taking drugs is similar to scrambling an egg.

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