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Q: Che cosa significa So I got the JLPT 1 in my back pocket.?
A: It sounds like the person is confident that he/she can pass the JLPT N1 test.
I wish I could say that for me!

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? JLPT日本会場の申し込みは9月17日で終了しました。
A: The application deadline for JLPT in Japan was September 17.がナチュラルだと思います。
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? You can take this JLPT world ranking mock test for free wherever you live in.
↑Is this sentence correct?
A: It is understandable, but not natural.

My suggestion would be:"You can take this mock JLPT for free wherever you live."
"in" is unnecessary, unless it comes with another object, like "in _______"

"world ranking test" is unnecessary, because the information is already implied by the JLPT. It is important to think about how the sentence would feel if you replaced the JLPT abbreviation with the full words.
If you were to say "Japanese Language Proficiency Test", proficiency already implies you are being ranked, and test is already in the word.
You would not say "Japanese Language Proficiency Test test", for example.

Another example is ATM (automatic transfer machine). You would not say "ATM machine", because machine is already implied as part of the ATM abbreviation.

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Q: すべての国の方にです。
JLPT N4があれば日本で働けるとありますが、実際そのレベルで十分ですか?
A: 日本に行ったことさえないので、就職の経験ではなくJLPTの経験から推測することしかできないのですが、多分十分には程遠いでしょう。語彙的にも文法的にも、N2のレベルぐらいに達していないと、日常会話がわかりにくいと思います。例えば、「わけじゃない」「わけがない」といったごく普通の表現はN2の文法に属しています。「ままだ」「はずだ」「べきだ」くらいの文法は、N3の文法に属しています。それより下の日本語しかわからないなら、日常会話でもわかりづらいでしょうから、ビジネスの場面なら言うまでもないと思います。もちろん憶測の域を出ないのですが…
Q: Currently studying JLPT N2 vocabulary. Should I use Monolingual or Bilingual Flashcards ? sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: I taught them JLPT N3.
They are Vietnamese. sembra naturale?
A: simple but clear sentences,
Q: Highest JLPT Level Attained sembra naturale?
A: What's the context?

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