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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? JW ONLINE LIBRARY  このウェブサイトの一番下であなたの言語を検索してください
A: JW ONLINE LIBRARY Please proceed to the bottom of this website to find your preferred language.

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Q: I dissociated from the JW organization.
I dissociated myself from the JW organization.
Which one is correct?

The thing is that there are different situations in the Jehovah's Witnesses org when it comes to leaving it.
I personally refused to be a JW and decided to leave the JW cult.
There are some people who get kicked out of the JW org. (they call it being ''disfellowshipped'')
What phrase should I use to be clear? in my case it was my own decision to leave the cult
A: @AnastasiaI I dissociated myself from the JW organization. Sounds better of the two sentences.
Q: When I was a JW I was blocked / confined within the jw circle.
We were not allowed to have any friends outside of the cult.
blocked OR confined?
What word is correct in that sentence?
A: Confined sounds more natural

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