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Q: Che cosa significa When the Killers performed on Tuesday night at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, they were a band caught between two personas that might be described as high-school and sophomoric: self-mocking versus earnest, self-obsessed versus lofty. ?
A: Maybe it is talking about how high school is strict and run by adults/administration and the students that are sophomores are not quite developed yet so they are silly and easy going. That’s what makes the most sense to me, but it could also be comparing sophomores to the other grades in high school.

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Q: I was listening a The Killers song's called "when you were young". There was a part that i can't understand, because i think that's a idiomatic expression. So, what does "sit there in your heartache" means?
A: Doesn't really have a direct meaning but could be sit and think about your broken heart.

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