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Q: Che cosa significa some lesser known places.
lesser konwnは形容詞ですよね?lesser-knownのように- がつかなくても形容詞になるのでしょうか??
A: some lesser known places

some lesser-known places



Q: Che cosa significa if known?
A: "if known" is referring to the ending of the sentence that reads, "...and the expected date for resumption of the Works..." It means the Notice to Suspend will include "the expected date for resumption" if the date has been decided, or in other words, if they know what date it is.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con as known as.
A: I've never heard of "as known as"

only "known as" and "also known as"
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con as known as.
A: I think you mean "also known as". This is often shortened to "A.K.A." or "AKA".

"This is a picture of Batman, also known as 'The Dark Knight'."
"Batman, AKA 'The Dark Knight', is a comic book superhero."

Hope this helps!

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