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Q: Che cosa significa "Ladies and Gentlemen it's one of our very own, Mr. Will Cooper!?
A: it means Mr Will Cooper is considered local or part of the ‘Family’

For example, during an Olympic event, if the olympics were being held in China, then the Chinese skier would be “one of our very own” skiers if the reporter was Chinese and addressing a Chinese audience.
Q: Che cosa significa Ladies night tues?
A: On Tuesday ladies either get in free at the club or get discounts
Q: Che cosa significa Ladies' man?

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Ladies and gentlemen
On behalf Vietnam Railways, we would like to welcome you on the train number SE4 from Saigon to Hanoi
A: It's better to use "of" after behalf. "behalf of"
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard China Southern Airlines, this flight from Nanning to Beijing, please fasten your seat belt and take off soon
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Ladies and Gentlemen
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: We used to say,"Ladies and gentlemen " when we greet many people.Thinking of gender issues,how should I greet in front of tourists? For example, I wonder if it is proper to say,"Hello, everybody" ? Would you show me the ropes?  
A: might strike as a lame answer but it seems you have it figured out already.

-Hello, everybody
-Welcome to everyone (more formal of course)
Q: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this wonderful night during the quarantine I would like to ask you to check my essay for grammar errors (you can comment leaving correct answers)

Thanks for your attention.

Kind Regard,
A: Hi Tanya,

Your corrections as follows:

..Others are convinced that it is..

To begin with, for primary school pupils, this stage because of their young age.. as they get to grasp the language learning process much faster.

..high speed are advantages of starting to learn a language..

However, in secondary school students..

so complicated part can be understood, compared to primary grades where it could be difficult to comprehend.

..there is no proper age to begin learning a new language.

In fact, it has been proven..

..capacities as children, but due to work..

I hope it helps !
Q: Ladies around her are her best friends and never return alone. If you want to ask her out for a drink, you gotta ask all ladies out for a drink with the help of your friends. sembra naturale?
A: Ladies around here are tied to their best friends...
Q: Ladies and gentlemen, taking into consideration that Sephora and Carolina Herrera are refusing to resolve the problem, I inform all of you that I will go for my rights in the judicial sphere. sembra naturale?
A: @Fabio_AC Hi Fabio, I don't believe you received my reply yesterday. Therefore, I will repeat it.
Straight to the point is not necessarily inherent to U.S. English, nor necessarily taught in school. Short answer, it depends. You have actually posed a couple of simple questions with very complex answers. In our youngest level of schooling we are taught the sentence structure and grammar. At higher levels of schooling, think university age, the writing style tends to be reflective of the subject culture. In scientific, math, technology courses, etc., there can be a tendency to inherently propagate an important point, top down approach to communication. Today there is an emphasis in many work places to put the important point first, as the general business populace base is inundated with communications. I have university age children. Therefore I have just spent a great deal of time the past four years training/mentoring them and their friends in how to organize a business letter from a viewpoint of the content versus the format. There are reams of examples on the web for formatting a business letter, but not as many topics on organizing the content. I hope this is helpful. Regards, Leigh Diretamente ao ponto não é necessariamente inerente ao inglês americano, nem necessariamente ensinado na escola. Resposta curta, depende. Você realmente fez um par de perguntas simples com respostas muito complexas. Em nosso nível mais jovem de escolaridade, aprendemos a estrutura da oração ea gramática. Em níveis mais elevados de escolaridade, acho que a idade universitária, o estilo de escrita tende a ser reflexo da cultura tema. Em cursos científicos, de matemática, de tecnologia, etc., pode haver uma tendência a propagar inerentemente um ponto importante, uma abordagem top down para a comunicação. Hoje há uma ênfase em muitos locais de trabalho para colocar o ponto importante em primeiro lugar, como a base da população de negócios em geral é inundada com comunicações. Tenho filhos em idade universitária. Por isso, acabei de gastar muito tempo nos últimos quatro anos treinando / orientando-os e seus amigos em como organizar uma carta comercial de um ponto de vista do conteúdo versus o formato. Existem resmas de exemplos na web para formatar uma carta de negócios, mas não como muitos tópicos sobre como organizar o conteúdo. Espero que isto seja útil. Atenciosamente, Leigh
Q: What does "Ladies, you don't get off easy just because you have different plumbing, I expect the same from you." mean?

You can also set the battle to Wait or Active. REAL men play Active, and so will I. Ladies, you don't get off easy just because you have different plumbing, I expect the same from you. Once you've spoken to everyone the story progresses. Captain Biggs is a giant prick, smacking Ceodore
A: "Plumbing" is referring to to a woman's genitals. Saying they have different plumbing is simply emphasizing the fact that they are women. He is telling the women they have to do as much as the men are, even if they are "ladies".

(I say all of this with great disgust)

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