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Q: Che cosa significa "landlady"?
A: Got It. Thank you! :)
Q: Che cosa significa landlady ?
A: A landlady is someone who owns a house that is rented out
“ the landlady asked for the rent yesterday”
“ the rent was due weeks ago, the landlady will kick us out”
Q: Che cosa significa "landlady"?
A: When you rent a house, a flat, the landlady would be the actual owner

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Q: Did the landlady tell you to stay?
-Unless I'll pay in full.

I don't understand this response.

Please explain this in a way that easy to understand.
A: Well...that's not really a coherrent response...

paid in full means they expect you to provide the full payment upfront but it's confusing who is saying what and the first sentence doesn't match the context of the second
Q: I'm not sure when the landlady will chage her mind, anyway it's a good news. :-) sembra naturale?
A: Better: "I'm not sure when the landlady will change her mind, but it's good news."
Q: Ms.Diana. The landlady required curtain cleaning fee of 50bucks. I know you didn't smoke and ruined the cuetain. I can't control this situation. I think she is selfish.##Please make this in order to sound natural.## sembra naturale?
A: Ms.Diana, the landlady has required a curtain cleaning fee for 50 bucks. I know you didn't smoke, and ruined the curtains. But I can't control this situation, I think she is selfish.
Q: The landlady changed her mind. She won't rent it out. Her cousin will get married and live there within a year. I'm sorry about that.I'll contact you quickly as long as I find good places.#I'm a realtor please correct this to sound natural##
A: The landlord changed her mind. She isn't renting it out. Her cousin is getting married and moving in within the year. Im very sorry about that. I will contact you as soon as possible when I find good places

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