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Q: Che cosa significa Leonard: I’m sure Mrs. Florida’s walking funny. Can we get back to work?
A: "Walking funny" means walking awkwardly or in an unnatural way. If you hurt your leg, you might walk funny. Leonard is joking that because Florida is hung, Mrs. Florida (Florida's "wife") walks awkwardly after sleeping with him (because she's sore).
Q: Che cosa significa dove.. as in Leonard Cohens song "lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove"?
A: It's this kind of bird
Q: Che cosa significa Leonard?
A: Sounds like a regular name to me.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Why does Leonard get to go? e Why is Leonard going? ?
A: To add, the phrase "get to do something" is a very common expression. It's used in a lot of places where Japanese speakers try to use the word "can".
Some examples:
Unnatural: At the zoo, we could see many different animals
Grammar is correct be could has a broad meaning. Does that mean you were able to or someone let you.
Instead, we usually say:
At the zoo, we got to see lots of different animals.
Other examples:
In Hawaii, I got to go parasailing with my friends.
Why does he get to go and I don't?
This weekend, I get to go to NHK and be on TV!
I finished all of my work so I get to go home early today!

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Q: Leonard: Well, we'll get out of your hair.
Q. Did Leonard say this line??
A: he said "we'll get out of here." with a stutter because of the awkward situation.
Q: Can you explain to me why Leonard uses “past tense” after “in case”? I guess it refers to a case with low possibility; otherwise, he can just say” in case you are ………I don’t want…….”

Leonard: so I wanted to throw together a fun night just for you. I got all your favorites. Beer, wings, sliders. We can watch the football game. I even painted my stomach.
Penny: “Go sports”?
Leonard: in case you were in the mood for baseball, I didn’t want to look ridiculous.
A: @Nina20312 Wow I had to do some research for this question! It's actually alot more complicated but here's a site that explains it in some detail:

let me know if you still have any questions!
Q: (Leonard and Penny go to a furniture store, wanting to buy a table, and Leonard says he's going to pay for it.)

"I like this table, and I'm getting it."

Does "I'm getting it." mean " I'm going to buy it" and is a different form of "I'm going to get it"?
A: Saying "I'm going to get it" can be showing the intent to do the action in the future (going to) or showing the intent to do the action in the present, but "I'm getting it" shows intent to do the action right now, in the present, unless you add a time after (for example: I'm getting it tomorrow. I'm getting it Wednesday. I'm getting it next week.)
Q: If you dated with Leonard DiCaprio , what would you like to do?
sembra naturale?
A: you do not have to say 'with'
Q: Can you explain what Leonard is saying?

[The park]
The four guys are carrying remote control rockets.
Howard: Unbelievable. Components I built are on the International Space Station, and I get a ticket for launching a model rocket in the park.
Leonard: I don't know if the ticket was so much for the launch as it was for you telling the policewoman "you have to frisk me, I have a rocket in my pants."
Raj: Hey, look at that. (There is a group of youngsters on the grass, laying about. One is playing a guitar. Dennis Kim is among them. He is drinking something from a bottle in a brown paper bag.) It's Dennis Kim.
A: To frisk=to pat somebody down(security check)
I have a rocket in my pants. Innuendo for hard on.
so Leonard isn't sure the ticket Howard got was from launching a model rocket
or cause he told the policewoman to touch his hard dick.

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