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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Leonhard
A: “Lee on hard” I’m not sure if that helps at all.

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Q: Leonhard Euler was the most famous Swiss mathematitian in history. He was born in Basel and completed the university in his young age. His outstanding achievements included determining much of math notation, finding the Euler's formula and discovering the power series expansions. These are made because he was not only generous but also he had been hard-working with an exellent memory and high concentration even after he became blind. sembra naturale?
A: you should say, "and completed the university at a young age". Another minor fix: "These were achieved because.." seems to be more fitting. Also, for the last sentence, "..with an excellent memory and awareness even after he became blind" sounds a bit better. Great vocabulary none the less!

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