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Q: I'm from in Lhasa China.I was in the independent learning Japanese and English,But I learn bad.I want to go to Japan to study abroad, Understand and learn Japanese advanced ceramic art.This section introduces may have many grammatical errors.But I hope you can tolerate me,And these errors are pointed out.Your help will be very useful to me.I also very much like you to be my friend.Thank you very much. sembra naturale?
A: I'm from Lhasa, China. I have been learning Japanese and English on my own, but I'm still not good at them. I'd like to study abroad in Japan and learn Japanese advanced ceramic art.

This introduction may contain many grammatical mistakes. I hope you can bear with me and point them out for me. Your help will be very useful to me. I'd also like to make friends with you. Thank you very much!

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