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Q: Che cosa significa liberate?
A: It means to set free something or someone.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra liberate e emancipate ?
A: Liberate and emancipate are synonymous.

"John Brown emancipated slaves."
"John Brown liberated slaves."
Q: Qual è la differenza tra liberate e release ?
A: @anhdo20052004
To liberate a place or the people in it means to free them from the political or military control of another country, area, or group of people.
• They planned to march on and liberate the city.

If a person or animal is released from somewhere where they have been locked up or cared for, they are set free or allowed to go.
When someone is released, you refer to their release.
1. He was released from custody the next day.
2. He called for the immediate release of all political prisoners.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra to liberate women from housework e to free women from housework ?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Qual è la differenza tra liberate e emancipate e release ?
A: “Release” is the most common. “Liberate” sounds more formal, and “emancipate” is usually used in official or legal contexts.


She released the injured bird back into the forest.
We must liberate ourselves from our oppressors.
The slaves were emancipated in 1863.

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Q: What do they mean: to 'become attached'; 'haphazardly'; 'liberate'?

- Jimmy had been a Commando and at the end of the war he had become attached, rather haphazardly according to him (although everything to do with Jimmy was always slightly haphazard), to the antitank regiment that liberated Bergen-Belsen.
A: Attached means to "grow closer" to someone/something.
Like you could even say "start to love/like" to a certain extent.

Haphazardly(pronounced Hap-hazerdly) means random in a literal definition.
But if a person is haphazard, it means that they are disorganised or careless.

Liberate means to set free (usually from imprisonment)
Q: They were liberate from human slavery and share they food sembra naturale?
A: "They were liberated from slavery and shared their food" - use past tense, and possessive.
Q: What does it mean to "liberate" something?
A: Usually means to free them/it, to let them/it escape, usually from someone else's control. "The slaves were liberated, free to make lives of their own"
Q: "You need to liberate yourself from the thralldom of chaos and the burden of sorrow"
A: It seems correct to me albeit poetic.

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