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Q: Dear LiMing,
I just heard the wonderful news that you’ve been accepted at the School of Law.Congratulations!It is hard to believe that my little brother is now a mature and thoughtful man who has definite ideas about his future.
By the way,I’d like to give you some advice for your university life.First,don’t forget keep doing physical exercises to stay active.Second,don’t put too much pressure on yourself,you have done well enough. Lastly,participating in more club activities,it will be wonderful memory in your life.
I wish you much success in this new phase of your life.You will always have our love.
Zhangwei. sembra naturale?
A: is the correct form to use at the beginning your sentence, not .
Secondly, thirdly, fourthly etc are correct.

Remember to use a double space between your sentences.

Good luck, you are doing very well.

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