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Q: "If you visit Lisbon,in the month of June the streets are alive with street parties and music."
Can I use "get alive" instead of "are alive"?
A: You can't use "get alive", but you can use "become alive". But "are alive" sounds better.
Q: I was supposed to check in at 2pm but I'll arrive in Lisbon quite earlier that I was expecting. So, Would you mind taking care of my luggage before check-in? and I'll arrive there around 8am. Thank you for reading . Have a good one. sembra naturale?
A: Good job!!! My sister is learning Korean from English and I know its a difficult transition but this reads really well.
Q: The Lisbon Strategy, which some criticise, was actually heading in the right direction, overall. sembra naturale?
A: Overall pretty good but it seems like you pronounce strategy like stratery. You also need to put more emphasis on the ch of which. otherwise very good keep trying.
Q: I would have had to go to Lisbon sembra naturale?
A: The grammar is correct.

To fly to Madeira I would have had to go to Lisbon first.
(though here you would probably use fly again instead of go).

If I was promoted I'd have had to go to Lisbon.
If I had been promoted I'd have had to have gone to Lisbon.
Q: if I had not seen Lisbon I would have been very unhappy sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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