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Q: Che cosa significa logistic nightmare?
A: Think of 'logistics' as being everything that goes into a project being completed. The detailed coordination of all these different parts.

Raw materials, processing, shipping, refined materials, planning, approvals, assembly, workers, et cetera, et cetera. Whatever is relevant to the execution of your plan.

So a "logistical nightmare" is when all that background stuff is screwed up!

Q: Che cosa significa logistic room?
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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? logistic
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Q: Her creative and logistic personality always makes our events go successfully and smoothly. sembra naturale?
A: It’s natural, but I think you should explain her personality more to someone that you say this to. Give an example of how she made an event successful.
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia logistic .
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Q: I work at a logistic center,and sort goods by number.

before sorting goods ,I have to put a sheet
of paper written number on a container.

here,I have a question.what is this paper called in English?notice?bill?or placard?

could someone tell me,please?thank you!
A: ちなみに:
"sheet of paper written number" → "sheet of paper with a number written on it"

"A placard" is probably fine, but (at least in the U.S.) neither "notice" nor "bill" seem appropriate. It does depend on the purpose of the paper. If it's to identify the box, then "container identification (paper)" would be fine.

"notice" is more often going to have a statement on it of some kind--not just a number.
"Notice : This parking is for employees only" - 従業員専用パーキング
I rarely hear "bill" used these days in reference to this sort of note. 死語?
Q: I'm a logistic student sembra naturale?
A: Logistic should be plural. So you should say, "I'm a logistics student."

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