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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Loot.
A: In the game the character picks up loot.

Pirates steal loot from other ships.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Loot e lot ?
A: lot : very much
loot : Take money or anything precious from somewhere

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Q: 1. Loot at the fruit that I colored.
2. Loot at the fruit coloured by me.

(Are two sentences correct?)
A: i think you mean
“Look at...” but otherwise both are correct
“Look at the fruit that I colored” is more natural
Colored/coloured are both correct. Coloured is UK spelling.
Hope this helps!
Q: Loot at this picture
Can I say "This man is gnawing his nails?
A: Yes you can, you could add "at" to make at his nails if you wanted to
Q: Loot at the window!
There are lots of people in line in front of the restaurant.
The restaurant would provide delicious food. sembra naturale?
A: Look through the window!
There's a lot of people in line at the restaurant.
The food looks good.

(Provide is too fancy/esoteric/unnatural)

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