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Q: Che cosa significa It’s your lost?
A: If you mean “It’s your loss” then it is used when the speaker thinks that the listener is missing out on something enjoyable or useful to them by refusal. In other words, the speaker thinks that the listener lost an opportunity to do or have something. For example:
“If you don’t want to go out with me, then it’s your loss”

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra the lost e the loss ?
A: ‘The lost’ is an adjective and can describe something such as, “the lost item” and in other cases it can be a verb such as,” I lost it” and it is the past tense of lose.

‘The loss’ is a noun and is the state of losing someone or something such as, “ the loss of her family.”

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Q: instead of lost ?
A: What’s your question?
Q: I sorry for your lost sembra naturale?
A: I am sorry for your loss.

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