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Q: Che cosa significa Luke: Well, just off the top of my head, you could take my spy pen and record her admitting what she did. And then you could play it for those people so they realize what a jerk she is.
Phil: You're a regular chatterbox today!?
A: In this context, regular means "real" or "total." This is an informal use of regular that is mostly just for emphasis (強調).

In the example sentence, if Phil instead said "You're a real chatterbox today!" or "You're a total chatterbox today!" the meaning would not change at all.

I would say it's fairly common to use it in this way. Here are some more examples:

"After school, John asked out 3 different girls. That guy's a regular Don Juan!"

*Don Juan = womanizer, playboy

"This Thanksgiving is going to be a regular feast, with mountains of turkey and mashed potatos."

And here's one from a TV show I love.

"He's a regular Freddy Wilson, that one."

Tobias, the bald man, says sarcastically that the boy is similar to someone named "Freddy Wilson." But the joke here is that no one knows who this Freddy Wilson person is, creating a funny and awkward situation.
Q: Che cosa significa Oh, Luke!?
A: Luke is a name. It is very difficult to say what "Oh" expresses here without more context.
Q: Che cosa significa Luke gets carried away ?
A: It means that he gets overexcited and can take things too far. Another definition would be 'to be overcome by emotion'. Eg. "Calm down, Luke. Don't get carried away."
Q: Che cosa significa That Luke is so changed a person presented Johnson with rich narrative opportunities. ?
A: Johnson is a storyteller or writer and Luke is the character Johnson is writing about. "Rich narrative opportunities" is another way to say "Many storytelling options" and has a positive connotation.
The sentence is essentially saying, "Luke changed a lot as a person, which gave Johnson many good storytelling options."

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Luke Skywalker e street walker ?
A: Luke Skywalker is a fictional character from the star wars movies. A street walker is prostitute.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Luke worked here since yesterday e Luke have worked here since yesterday ?
A: "Luke worked here since yesterday" implies that Luke is no longer working 'here' anymore.

"Luke has worked here since yesterday" implies that Luke started working here yesterday and continues to work 'here'

"Luke has worked here since yesterday" is a little more natural. Hope this helped.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Luke has started his new job three weeks ago e Luke started his new job three weeks ago ?
A: "Luke has started his job three weeks ago" is not right because of the word "has". The word "has" is not needed because it means to own or experience.
e.g. "He has done it" or "He has it"

"Luke started his new job three weeks ago" is right because the 'ed' at the end of "started" makes the sentence past tense.

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia 1. Luke and look
2. warm and worm.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Can you read "Look, Luke." for me?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Luke and Michael go to a pub the last night sembra naturale?
A: Luke and Michael went to a pub last night
Q: do I sound Luke a white native speaker? sembra naturale?
A: Good job, it sounds quite natural.

You sound like someone who moved to the US at around age 12 and has been living in the US for many years since.

You don't have a completely native accent though.
Q: "Luke" and "Look" sounds so familiar, could somebody tell me how to apart these two words, thanks~
A: i recorded luke and look, see if you can hear the difference!

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