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Q: Che cosa significa lunged forward ?
A: It means that someone or something (typically a living thing) suddenly and aggressively moves forward.

Example: In fencing a fencer might try to strike with their foil by lunging forward. (Suddenly jumping forward to rapidly close the distance)
Q: Che cosa significa She lunged at me?
A: it means she jumped towards you, quickly.

Like this doll for halloween
Q: Che cosa significa lunge?
A: lunge means to grab
Q: Che cosa significa lunge and miss?
It's hard for me to explain but I will give examples.

Ex: "He lunged a spear at the fish"

"I miss my throw because I did not hit it"

Frasi esempio "Lunge"

Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con lunge.
A: The dog lunged forward quickly at its owner.
I lunged at the fly when it came towards me.
While playing soccer, I lunged for the ball.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con lunge.
A: 1. The leopard lunged at me.
2. In P.E. class, a typical warmup consists of some lunges.
3. I lunged, in the smallest amount of steps, to close the door.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra lunged at e lunged for ?
A: Lunged at = direction or target.

Example: I saw he had a knife so I lunged at him before he could do anything.

Lunged for = to do something or reach something.

Example: The cat pushed the glass off of the counter but I lunged for it and caught it.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra lunge e pounce ?
A: they are similar
lunge = usually a larger person/object throwing their weight forward. (or an exercise) "the drunk lunged at me"
pounce = an agile jump/advance, usually a surprise. "the cat pounced on the mouse"

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Q: I wonder what lunge for looks like if drawn into a picture.
A: lunging is to get extremely close to someone, either by pointing something at them like a sword, or jumping towards them. I think the wolf in this photo is a good example of what it looks like without a weapon
Q: he lunged in sembra naturale?
A: Say “he dived right in” or “he jumped right in”

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