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Q: " lylic" how to pronounce
A: "lie lick" < this is how I would pronounce it
Q: I am translating a lylic, BY THE SIDE OF THE MILL from an operetta, THE RED MILL.
I have some questions below:

Girls, as you know we are wed alone to art

and it breaks our heart but we have to devote all we own to art.
→What does break their heart ? art? or girls row? Before this lyric, GIRLS asked them to stop drawing according to the lyric that I attached.

So like the best of good friends we have to part.
→from what ? from art? from GIRLS?

But to ease the smart let us try to forget that we have to.
→What does they mention as the smart?What do they have to ?

Thank you in advance!
A: The MEN only want to paint. They love the GIRLS, but their duty is to their art.

The GIRLS want the MEN to pay attention to them, so the GIRLS ask them to take a break and have lunch ("enough of work, let us have a little pleasure now"). The MEN make an excuse ("we are broke") because they want to keep painting. They promise to take the GIRLS out for dinner later, but the GIRLS disagree with the MEN's selfishness.

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