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Q: Che cosa significa MAGA?
A: This is an acronym for President Trump’s campaign slogan in 2016 - Make America Great Again.
Q: Che cosa significa MAGA?
A: It stands for "make america great again" which was his campaign phrase when he was running for president. MAGA has now turned into a description term for the group of people that really, really support him.
Q: Che cosa significa I don’t see many rank-and-file MAGA complain about their government stimulus checks.?
A: 1. "rank and file" means like an average member of a group. They aren't in any specific positions, just part of a group.
2. MAGA refers to the catch phrase the current president of the US used during the last election. In the US, people that defend the president tend to really love the phrase MAGA, so it's kind of a clue that anyone paired with this phrase is really conservative, typically racists, etc.

So, the sentence is saying that the speaker hasn't seen any average republic/conservative/far-right people complain about the money the government sent to help with COVID-19 related issues.
Q: Che cosa significa MAGA?
A: MAGA = "Make America Great Again"
It's his "slogan," or rememberable phrase

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