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Q: Che cosa significa Makes me feel giddy?
A: "Giddy" means to be very excited and overjoyed. So, "makes me feel giddy" means that something is making you feel very excited.
Q: Che cosa significa "Makes two of us"?
A: It means "I agree with you" or "Me too".

A: I think your parents are insane.
B: That makes two of us.

A: I think I am coming down with the flu.
B: That makes two of us.
Q: Che cosa significa Makes two of us!?
A: it is fairly common as a response. for example:

Bill: I really don't care for liver as a dinner.

Ted: Makes two of us, dude!

Frasi esempio "Makes"

Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Makes me feel.
A: He makes me feel special.
This dish makes me feel sick.
That makes me feel a bit weird.
Are you trying to make me feel guilty?
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Makes me feel restless .
A: You’re welcome!
Restless has a negative connotation. It implies an inability to rest. It isn’t a synonym for “excited”, so I wouldn’t recommend using it to describe the feeling you get with an exciting book.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Makes up.
A: He is lying. He is making it up.

She dropped his eyeglasses and broke them, but she made up for it by buying him new ones.

I am late to work because I slept in. I have to make up an excuse. Maybe I will say there was too much traffic.

He spent her last $20, but he makes it up by giving her $10 every week.

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