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Q: Che cosa significa manifold?
A: having many parts. example. these tasks are manifold and broad.
Q: Che cosa significa space-time manifold?
A: "un espacio tiempo de Minkowski, pienso

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra manifold e diverse ?
A: "manifold" is quite academic or literary, so it's not very common in normal speech, where "diverse" is common in normal conversations.

I'd expect to see manifold used in relation to something involving mathematics or statistics

Example (math)
- It's a multi-dimension subspace manifold

Example (normal conversation):
- it's very diverse (made of lots of things or representing lots of things)
Q: Qual è la differenza tra manifold e multifarious ?
A: Thank you so much

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Q: We can enjoy manifold ramens in Japan. sembra naturale?
A: it's a real English sentence, but not one I would hear in real life. This sounds like someone trying to be dramatic/silly/poetic when talking about ramen in a book/newspaper.

The adjective "Manifold" isn't used very much day-to-day and is associated with old, formal books and the Bible, so it sounds very serious/dramatic.

Another dramatic/poetic way of saying this would be "enjoy a plethora of ramens".

In more formal writing, I'd just say "many kinds of ramen"

If you're talking more casually and trying to emphasize that there are many kinds and that that is very significant/a big deal
"We can enjoy so many (different) kinds of ramen in Japan"
Q: There are manifold ways to prevent coronavirus on a personal level, but the most important of them is to wash your hands well.
sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: manifold + noun
Is the noun always singular?
A: The noun is whatever goes in the sentence - "manifold" is an adjective, and doesn't change the plurality of the noun.

The manifold nature of God
His manifold mercies.

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