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Q: Che cosa significa “Google first shipped a Watch-friendly build of Maps back in September of 2015, just months after the Apple Watch first hit the shelves.”

This is from an article about Google Maps. How do you translate “back” to Japanese in this sentence?
A: You're right, it is not necessary, but "back" adds emphasis. It is to show a year or memory is distant from now.

2015 was only 5 years ago, but technology progresses quickly. So, "back in 2015" shows that technology is more advanced today.

Elders will often say "Back in my day..." to start stories about their younger self. This phrase shows that the story was many years ago and the world has changed a lot since that time. If you watch The Simpsons, Homer's father will say this frequently.
Q: Che cosa significa I failed Maps?
A: "I failed Maps" does not mean anything.
Some ideas:
"I failed Geography."
"I am bad at using maps."

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Q: Maps FOR or TO worldwide earthquake activity sembra naturale?
A: “Maps for worldwide earthquake activity.” Or “maps that show worldwide earthquake activity.” :)

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