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Q: Che cosa significa Martial?
A: Related to fighting or war
Q: Che cosa significa 'Martial efficacy, quarter of an hour'?
A: It sounds like somebody is commanding someone to complete a military objective or to do the action in a military fashion (i.e. with organisation and efficiency) in 15 minutes (quarter of an hour). Martial efficacy is to competently or quickly perform a military action.

For example:
"I want this task done with martial efficacy, you have 20 minutes"


"The fact that the army took the town so swiftly and with minimum casualties displays strong martial efficacy"

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? How can I call Martial arts players? like Judoka, Ju-jitsu player.. etc

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Q: Martial art, combat sport, fighting sport, etc. What is the most used in casual conversation?
Q: Martial arts is not only a physical training, but also an experience that leads you mentally to another starting line.

Can you understand this sentence?
Q: Martial arts allow one to dominate anger and fears. sembra naturale?
A: "Martial arts allow one to dominate anger and fear."
"Fears" in the plural is used for specific types of fears.

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